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Bally Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

SKU: WB0928000

Product Description  

Bally Walk-In Coolers and Freezers are uniquely designed to save you time and money when you build, and to keep operating costs down for years to come. Call us at 1-800-282-1977 for a quote today!

  • Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. uses HFC expanding agents to create 98% closed cell structure.
  • Non-ozone depleting urethane shall be foamed-in-place (poured, not frothed) and, when completely heat cured, shall bind tenaciously to the metal skins to form an insulated panel.
  • Panels shall consist of interior and exterior metals skins precisely foamed with steel and dies and roll-form equipment and thoroughly checked with gauges for accuracy. The metal skins shall be placed into heated molds and liquid urethane injected between them. For extra rigidity, the exteriors of all vertical panels above 118" except corners and door panels shall have vertical grooves spaced on 5-3/4” centers
  • Panels are available in 4", 5", or 6" thicknesses.
  • Stucco-embossed Galvalume steel
  • Stucco-embossed aluminum
  • Stucco-embossed White galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Even more options available for both exterior and interior finishes
  • Bally furnishes floor panels only. All construction and preparation for Bally floor panels must be provided by others
  • 4" thick floor panels have the option of being NSF Certified. Trim is available for 5" and 6" floors also allowing them to be NSF Certified.
  • Floor Types: Light-usage, Heavy-usage, Built-in, and Reinforced panels
  • Number of doors, location and direction of swing shall be specified in the Walk-In layout
  • Doors are infitting and flushmounted, and conform to the same standards as vertical panels.
  • Magnetic core, thermoplastic gaskets installed on the top edge and both sides of the door shall keep the door in a closed position, forming a tight seal; a flexible, dual blade wiper gasket shall be installed at the bottom of the door
  • NSF Certified gaskets shall be replaceable and resistant to damage from oil, fats, water and detergent
  • A heavy U-channel structural steel frame around the perimeter of the door opening shall prevent racking or twisting; steel frame is to be reinforced for hardware attachment.
  • Anti-condensate heater wire shall be concealed behind the metal edge of the doorjambs.

See Walk-In Specification Sheet for more details.


Specification Sheet  Specification Sheet 

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